Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Glasses Down!

"I would feel bad just ditching you with strangers while I go play poker, but I think I'm going to ditch you with strangers while I go play poker." - Me, to Waffle (roomate, not blogger).

By the time we got to Caesar's the blogger tourney was already nearing the end, so I wandered around to see who was present. My roomate knew the one of the masseuses in the room, and I had to carry on without him for a few minutes.

I recognized April and Gracie railbirding the last two tables, so I went over to say hi and reintroduce myself from this summer, when I had met them briefly. After I told Gracie that my roomate was with me, and what he did for a living ("Senior Aquarist" for the forum shops... he gets paid to feed fish or something), she immediately seemed to lose interest in the game, and wanted to go "see the fishies". I introduced my roomate to them and while they haggled over arranging a private tour, I went looking for Iggy, who I heard was donking it up at a nearby 3/6 table.

"We got seats open." he said, but I never play when drinking, so after checking with Waffle to make sure he was Ok with his new tourguide duties, I grabbed an empty chair next to Grubby and asked for a waitress (who took a little over 45 minutes to appear), ordered a few glasses of Jack & water, and embraced my inner donkey. Also present were Grubbette and Linda. About an hour later I caught an ace on the river to go with the two in my hand, and figured being up $9 was as good a time as any to go get something to eat before heading acroos the street to the PokerTek shindig at the Imperial Palace.

After a quick snack I met up with a friend who deals (poker, not drugs) in front of the Palace, who I invited because of his obvious professional interest in the automated tables. When we finally navigated our way to the room the party was being held, we were surprised to find that we were the first to arrive (I don't think that's ever happened to me before), which meant we were first to choose our chairs next to the open bar. This later turned out to not matter at all, since I spent all my time playing on the tables, and the open bar had no whiskey.

As for PokerTek, I didn't like the tournament table, but I want desperately to see the heads-up table in bars around Vegas. Especially bars that already have Gaming licenses. I get all tingley when I think of drunken slot junkies lined up in front of that thing on a Saturday night. Hopefully the insanely aggressive blind structure was for demo mode only.

Eventually we headed back downstairs to find seats at the Pai Gow tables where I managed to run through $300 in a little less than an hour playing with Maigrey, who introduced me to the game last summer, and Garth, who had a theory about keeping our sunglasses down during the hand to intimidate the dealer. It didn't work.

Eventually I had to leave to meet up with some Vegas locals, which I'll probably continue to regret until the next WPBT meetup. In fact, next time I'm going to make sure my schedule is clear for the entire weekend.



Blogger Maigrey said...

Dude - next time you definitely need to clear your schedule!

Glasses DOWN!

6:46 PM, December 21, 2006  

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