Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sometimes You Get the Donkey

It has been far too long since I got a major adrenaline rush out of a poker hand, but last night I was playing in a 1/2 NL live game at Sam's Town after washing out of the late tournament, when I got one of the best hands I've had in a long time.

I was staring at pocket kings UTG, and raised to $7, which wasn't really that big of a raise given the way the game had been running, but I knew that even the idiots at the table had a tight image of me, and anything more than what had been my standard raise up to that point would have won me a measly $3, tip not included.

I got 4 callers, including the BB.

The flop came Qc Kc Qs and I nearly wet myself. BB checks, I check, checks all around, but I knew someone had a Q. It was just that kind of game.

The turn was a 5s, BB checks, and I figure I may as well test the waters. I toss in $25, two players behind me fold, the BB flat calls me. River is the As, and the BB checks while staring off at the TV uninterested in the game.

Huge tell for this guy... I have not a doubt in my mind. I'm getting paid, and push all-in without the slightest of hesitation.

He jumps out of his chair and practically screams, "I call!". As his arm is coming down to ghetto-slap his cards on the table, I casually toss my KK onto the board and watch with a joy I rarely get anymore.

The man goes pale, and his legs loosen like he just took a right hook from Tyson, bracing himself with his free hand on the table as he tries to turn his Qh 5d back down to muck it, but it's too late, we've all seen it, and the few good players at the table are trying unsucessfully not to laugh. I bank four bills and send the tourist back to his room with a christmas "bad beat" story for his wife.

It's about time one of these morons called my UTG raise out of position with shit cards and got what they deserved. I needed to write it down here just to put future bad beats in perspective.



Blogger Ignatious said...

It's about time one of these morons called my UTG raise out of position with shit cards and got what they deserved. I needed to write it down here just to put future bad beats in perspective.



8:39 PM, December 27, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger rivered said...

Nice story, always nice when a muppet makes a crazy call and you get rewarded - nice flop:)

11:33 PM, December 18, 2008  

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